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What are CAT tools?

CAT tools are programs that support us when translating. After preparing it, the file to be translated is loaded into the CAT tool and then the file is translated by one of our translators. Additionally, glossaries and translations from a translation memory can be shown and used. The tool only serves as an aid for the translator and ensures consistency, this is not the same thing as a machine translation!

What is a translation memory?

Text that has already been translated for you is saved in the translation memory. If in a further translation, a sentence appears that would be translated in a similar way or in the same way, the system recognizes this. This sentence is then calculated with a lower price. Thus, your costs are reduced.

We would like to change our translation service provider but we already have existing translation memories. Can we still use them?

You can send us your existing data bank in TMX format. We can integrate and use it. Generally however, we first check its quality. For more precise arrangements, please feel free to contact us.

Are your translations machine-translated?

No. The tools that we use only serve as an aid. All texts are translated by our translators themselves and are then revised. These texts are then saved in so-called translation memories. This considerably reduces future processing costs.

In which formats can I send my files?

If possible, please send us editable files (e.g. Excel, Word, XML or InDesign...). You can also send us other file formats (e.g. PDF files). However, these cannot always be processed by our translating tools. In order to prepare the file for translation, additional costs could be incurred.