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General Questions

What sets you apart from other translation service providers and what makes you stand out?

Our quality!

We ask you questions if the meaning of your text is unclear and will bring your attention to possible problems in the source text.
Our internal quality management, that simultaneously constructs a terminology data bank, checks your translations for inconsistencies and the uniform use of the specified technical terms. 
We make sure to meet your requirements and double-check them.
We are quick and reliable. In general, we respond to your inquiries on the same day you send them. 
One of our project managers supports you during the entire process. 
We always keep your wishes and deadlines in mind. We meet the deadlines that we agree to. 

Which concrete services does Sabine Haller Übersetzungen GmbH offer?

We offer the following services:
•    Translations (written)
•    Proofreading
•    Creation of company-specific terminology
•    Creation of glossaries
•    Set up and maintenance of translation memories
•    Technical documentation

In what specialized fields do you translate?

We specialize in technical translations.
But we are also very competent in many other specialized fields.

Which language combinations do you offer?

Primarily, we translate either from a foreign language into German or from German to a foreign language. Other language combinations are available upon request. Currently, we translate over 30 languages.

Are the translations proofread?

For each translation, an internal quality check is carried out by a second translator. In this process, the second translator checks that the customer specifications were met and that the terminology was used. Comprehensive proofreading is also possible on request.

How long does it take before I receive an offer?

In most cases, you will receive the offer within one working day. In exceptional cases or for requests requiring several target languages, it can take a bit longer. In any case, you will receive confirmation that your inquiry has been received.

How long does a translation generally take?

How long a translation takes depends on the number of words to be translated, the language and the complexity of the text. That’s why we can’t make a general statement. Short texts (e.g. within the minimum flat fee) can generally be translated at short notice.

When can you be reached by telephone?

We can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
We are closed at the weekend.

What is localisation and why is it necessary?

During the localisation process, the text is adapted to the cultural circumstances in the country where the target language will be read. Especially for texts that serve not merely to provide information but rather to achieve a given effect (e.g. marketing texts), localisation is recommended. This is also possible for texts that have already been translated.

In which formats can I send my files?

If possible, please send us editable files (e.g. Excel, Word, XML or InDesign...). You can also send us other file formats (e.g. PDF files). However, these cannot always be processed by our translating tools. In order to prepare the file for translation, additional costs could be incurred.

How can I contribute to a smooth processing of a translation job?

We are best able to carry out a translation using an editable file (e.g. Excel, Word, XML or InDesign. Should you only have files that cannot be edited (e.g. PDF files), it is possible that these files will first have to be converted before they can be translated. Also, avoiding “hard returns” makes the translation easier. It is important for you to let us know right at the beginning if you have special requirements (like, for example, a length limit for certain texts or parts of the text).
Furthermore the following is true: the better the source text, the better the translation.